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OCI – 02a – Bash Prompt

After creating a Git repository to track our first Terraform project, I updated my bash prompt to show me the git branch. This information is only shown when we are in Git repository and makes is easy to see which branch your working on. This change is a bigger than just updating the PS1 variable, so I... Continue reading

Themes for PeopleTools 8.60

We have released new branding themes for PeopleTools 8.60! The new themes use colors that better match the new Redwood UI color palette, and the underlying stylesheets use the new CSS variables in 8.60. There are 10 colors to choose from in this release. But, it’s also very easy to change the colors, or even... Continue reading

psadmin.conf 2023 Registration is Open!

You can now register for psadmin.conf 2023! Click here to see more information and register. psadmin.conf is a conference specifically for PeopleSoft Administrators. The conference features talks from expert admins on a variety of topics, as well as hands-on training from Oracle ACEs. The goal of the conference is to expand your knowledge of PeopleSoft... Continue reading

Structure and Content

Portal Registry Migration Fix

Sometimes when migrating Portal Registry objects I find that they do not show up in the Navigator, or even Structure and Content, until I clear cache, run VERSION, or even make a nominal change to the Portal Registry. We talked about this on the podcast in episode #303. I took Kyle’s idea of adding a... Continue reading Themes for PeopleTools 8.59

We are releasing our newest version of our Themes for PeopleSoft 8.59 (and 8.58). We use these stylesheets on our non-production environments so that users can easily recognize which environment they are in, and most important, know they aren’t in production. The Themes are released as an Application Data Set that you can easiliy import... Continue reading


#2 – PeopleTools 8.55

A special Tuesday release! Episode 2 of the PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast is all about PeopleTools 8.55. Dan and Kyle discuss the announcements at OpenWorld and the Planned Features document about PeopleTools 8.55, and make some guesses about some new features. We want to make this podcast part of the community discussion on PeopleSoft administration. If...

#1 – Decoupled Homes

I’m really happy to announce a new project we are launching today: The PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast Kyle Benson and I sit down and talk about all things PeopleSoft Admin. Kyle and I would meet for lunch every few weeks to talk about our latest issues at work and the latest features in PeopleTools. After a...