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#83 – DPK – What We’d Do Different Next Time

This week on the podcast Dan and Kyle discuss changes they would make if they started working on the DPK for the first again. They also discuss setting up Elasticsearch clusters, monitoring Tuxedo queues with Elasticsearch and an annoying Bash on Windows bug.

Show Notes

  • Bash on Windows VPN Bug @ 3:15
  • 9.2 Upgrade Process @ 10:00
  • Monitoring Tuxedo Queueing in Elasticsearch @ 13:30
  • Tuxbeat Project @ 17:00
  • Elasticsearch DPK @ 21:45
  • Elasticsearch Clustering @ 27:00
  • Puppet on Linux @ 32:00
  • DPK Extract Only @ 34:30
  • What we’d do differently with the DPK @ 37:30
    • Co-locating Regions
    • Admin-only Test Servers
    • Config Homes
    • Use Git for managing code and YAML changes
    • Integrate all Puppet code into Classes and Modules
    • DPK Course
    • Use ACM via DPK
    • Go Vanilla

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2 thoughts on “#83 – DPK – What We’d Do Different Next Time”

  1. Liked the DPK course but there seemed to be something missing in the VirtualBox PeopleSoft Image DPK demo video, the time listed was 7:53 but the video was only around 1:17 (also seemed to cut short the demo of the VirtualBox) . . . also have a question being a first time viewer of your courses, do you write backwards on the glass for the notes or is this a trick of the camera mirroring the writing?

  2. I think if you scroll down you will find multiple videos on several of the course pages. I missed that at first too and had to go back to watch them.

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