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Simplify PeopleSoft Image Downloads

getMOSPatch is a great utility for downloading patches from Oracle Support. The utility will log into Oracle Support for you and download patches you supply. All you need is the patch number, and your MOS credentials. And, version 2 of getMOSPatch is written in Java, so you can use it on any platform.


Let’s walk through a quick demo of downloading a recent PeopleSoft Image using getMOSPatch. We’ll be downloading the Windows NativeOS DPK for HR 9.2 Image 18, which is patch 23263167.

  1. Grab the latest version of getMOSPatch.jar from GitHub.
  2. Open a command line and navigate to where you saved getMOSPatch.jar.
  3. Run java -jar getMOSPatch.jar patch=23263167 patch is a required parameter. You can specify multiple patches; make the patch values a comma separated list
  4. Enter your MOS credentials after running the command.
  5. Select the platform you want to download the patch for. 233P is the Windows 64-bit code, so I’m using that. The .getMOSPatch.cfg file will store the platform you last selected when running getMOSPatch.jar, so you won’t be prompted every time for the platform. To reset the stored code, add reset=yes to the command line.
  6. Next, getMOSPatch will present a list of files available to download for the patch. In our case, we are selecting a PeopleSoft Image patch, so there will be 10 or more files. Use a comma separated list to specifiy the files you want to download. If you want to download all the files in the patch, you can use download=all in the command line.
  7. getMOSPatch will download the patches into your current directory.

getMOSPatch Demo 1

Quick Download Example

Let’s clean up our first example so that we can easily download future PeopleSoft Images using only a patch number. If you haven’t run getMOSPatch yet, run it once to identify the platform code you will use.

Next, we’ll create our command for getMOSPatch to download all the PeopleSoft Image patch files for our platform. This example will download the Windows NativeOS DPK for HR 9.2 Image 18:

java -jar getMOSPatch.jar patch=23263167 platform=233P download=all MOSUser=<email>

When I run the command, we’ll only need to enter the password for your MOS account. getMOSPatch will download all the patch files we need for the PeopleSoft Image.

getMOSPatch Demo 2

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