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#21 – Temp Tables w/ David Kurtz

We are excited to have David Kurtz join us! David wrote the book PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA and is a popular blogger. We talked with David for almost 2 hours, so we are breaking his interview into 3 parts. In Part 1, we talk about Temp Tables, PSAESRV, and more. Dan and Kyle also talk about Microsoft and Linux, and Dan’s DPK patching experience with PeopleTools 8.55.03.

We want to make this podcast part of the community discussion on PeopleSoft administration. If you have comments, feedback, or topics you’d like us to talk about, we want to hear from you! You can email us at, tweet us at @psa_io, or use the Twitter hashtag #psadminpodcast.

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2 thoughts on “#21 – Temp Tables w/ David Kurtz”

  1. Enjoyed the podcast. Update Statistics helps performance significantly. At the same time, it requires COMMIT for %UPDATESTATS to calculate statistics. So before we use this in an App Engine we got to have an understanding of the process and consider the consequences of COMMIT. Good to know about tools 8.54 allowing the option for defining a global temp table. Also though I knew about the setting, to use the base temporary table for sharing based on process instance, I didn’t realize the effect of Truncate statements.

  2. Application Engine understands that %UpdateStats implies a commit. If commits are suppressed (because the step is inside a do select loop, or it has been called as an online process) then the %UpdateStats step is suppressed because ANALYZE TABLE and dbms_stats imply a commit, and there is an entry in the message log ‘UpdateStats ignored – COMMIT required’.

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