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#275 – Puppet Lookup

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan announce psadmin.conf 2021, they discuss environment naming conventions, and Dan follows up on the Puppet lookup options from last week.

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1 thought on “#275 – Puppet Lookup”

  1. I agree with using a single letter to encode the application in environment names. We do this in our Ansible inventory host names and groups and it works well. Ansible names are only used by the architecture/operations staff, the functional and dev staff use the database names as the official environment names. Of course the tech team uses the database names as well.

    Most of the database names were chosen years ago, and new databases have to fit the established pattern since a “better” name that doesn’t fit with everything else would actually be worse. The database name uses two characters to encode the application, This seems like a waste since we have only two applications (FSCM and HCM), and we don’t even face the CS vs CRM abbreviation dilemma. We shortened the application id to one character in the Ansible names to keep them from growing too long since the Ansible names need to encode more information. In addition to the database/environment, Ansible also needs the server function (web, app, process scheduler), sequence number in the cluster (1-9) and site (active, standby).

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