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#270 – Rundeck OCI Plugin

This week on the podcast, Kyle shares his Rundeck plugin for OCI that will dynamically provides OCI nodes to Rundeck, and then Dan and Kyle discuss the difference between sync and async messaging and how that affects the Integration Broker.

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1 thought on “#270 – Rundeck OCI Plugin”

  1. Happy new year to the team. Thanks for some great discussion around IB and OCI to brighten up the first week of the year.

    On a Python note: You can execute complex search queries against OCI resources in Python (and other languages) using the ResourceSearcClient class (

    search = oci.resource_search.ResourceSearchClient(config)
    sdetails = oci.resource_search.models.StructuredSearchDetails()
    sdetails.query = "query instance resources where lifeCycleState = 'RUNNING'"
    #query = "query all resources where (definedTags.namespace = 'myspace' && definedTags.key = 'mytag' && definedTags.value = 'myvalue') "
    result = search.search_resources(search_details=sdetails, limit=1000).data

    print("Number of instances found = {}".format(len(result.items)))

    for resource in result.items:
    resourceDetails = compute.get_instance(instance_id=resource.identifier).data

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