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#262 – Cloud Manager Backups

This week on the podcast, Kyle learns how the Cloud Manager repository download and tracks files, and Dan shares how he configured backups for Cloud Manager in OCI.

Show Notes

4 thoughts on “#262 – Cloud Manager Backups”

  1. Another great discussion. Thanks.

    My view on configuring App Engines in Process Scheduler… Don’t! In what world do you want running AEs to terminate when you shutdown the process scheduler? I have no idea why this is the default setting. Turn it off. Go back to the more robust, reliable and monitorable (is that a word?) method of each AE running in its own PSAE process.

    I must be losing it as today I started to talk to Kyle in response to something he said only to realise mid sentence that you can’t actually hear me. Oh well… lockdown insanity setting in 🙂

    1. LOL!

      I completely agree – AESRV should be disabled as the default for new process scheduler domains. The only feature they need to add to the PSAE process is the status updates you gain with AESRV enabled.

  2. Hi Dan/Kyle, iam unable to download play any of the recordings from I tried multiple things but no luck.

    Could you please check

    1. Hi Ram. I’m sorry you aren’t able to play the recordings. Our podcast is hosted on Libsyn – you could make sure your browser can get to the libsyn CDN site (check the Networking tab in your browser’s development tools).

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