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#259 – Multiple IB Front Ends

This week on the podcast, Kyle finds that Cloud Manager removed a feature and Dan discusses some architectural designs for Integration Broker.

Show Notes

1 thought on “#259 – Multiple IB Front Ends”

  1. Great discussion. I agree that Cloud Manager is only for PUM, Demo & POC and maybe for some DEV environments. This is still very useful even if you don’t have PeopleSoft running in OCI or even in any cloud.

    Cloud Manager needs to cater for the pure Self Service user who knows nothing about the technicalities of installing and configuring PeopleSoft. It does this reasonably well. Cloud Manager also needs to cater for the needs of the skilled PeopleSoft installers so they can create templates that are useful to the self service user. This is where the product needs to provide better features..

    Keep the conversation going.
    Thanks for this weeks podcast.

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