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#223 – Single Sign Out

This week on the podcast, we talk about switching to DuckDuckGo for searching and Kyle finds the Windows Clipboard History feature. Then Dan shares his discovery of the IB Automated Integration Tester and Kyle talks about Single Sign Out with multiple environments.

Show Notes

2 thoughts on “#223 – Single Sign Out”

  1. Hi
    You mentioned that in order for the single sign out to work from the hub that you had to open an extra port in the firewall. What is the extra port? We only have the JSL port range open in our external firewall and wondering what the other port would be.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Jane,

    The web servers will talk directly to each other. So if your external web servers are on the same machine, or not blocked with a firewall, you should be good. The issue Kyle was referring to was where web servers (HR/Hub) were in different networks and had a firewall between them. The Hub web server was trying to talk directly to the HR web server and the firewall was blocking that communication.


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