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#220 – ACM Runs

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan discuss using OneNote for technical documentation and why it works for them. Dan also talk about using the ACM more with the DPK and shared some of the limitations that still exist in the ACM.

Show Notes

  • JSMPros Sound Bytes @ 2:30
  • OneNote and Documentation @ 3:30
  • ACM Deployments @ 13:00
  • ACM and IB @ 17:30
  • Separating ACM Runs in the DPK @ 28:30

1 thought on “#220 – ACM Runs”

  1. OneNote search isn’t very flexible (it’s bad at partial strings, no boolean support, etc.) but when it works, it’s pretty good. It WILL find text in images and will even do some handwriting recognition/search if you do inking a lot (I don’t anymore, but I used to write my notes). Like Dan, I have it open all the time for my daily logs and work notes. I have daily logs going back to 2004!

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