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#198 – PSPing

This week on the podcast, Kyle and Dan talk about learning to use Git and GitHub, strategies to work as different users in non-production environments, and how to use PSPing to help diagnose performance issues.

Show Notes

1 thought on “#198 – PSPing”

  1. Just because PSPing says you don’t have a database issue, doesn’t mean the application doesn’t. PSPing really only measures database CPU response because all the data used by the SQL will become cached.

    If the database doesn’t run out of CPU, you are unlikely to see any change in PSPing metrics.
    If application statements experience a plan regression and spent time on physical I/O, that is also unlikely to have any impact on PSPing.

    Browser/Network time is time spent in either the Browser and/or the Network. PSPing cannot distinguish between these two possibilities because it is just the difference between two measurement points. One being in javascript in the browser and the other is in the servlet in the webserver.

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