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#191 – Scheduled Migrations

This week on the podcast, Dan talks about a Terraform and Azure lab he attended, and some PeopleSoft 9.2 experiences. Kyle discusses the new Phire Scheduled Migrations and some great use cases for the new feature.

Show Notes

1 thought on “#191 – Scheduled Migrations”

  1. Hey guys

    We have been scheduling our defect releases for 2 or 3 months now. We have a release window twice weekly and we line them up the night before. Log into the system in the morning and check the status of the release then communicate with the test team. The feature works very well. There are a few little squiggles when CRs encounter an error but on the whole it works super well. We have found Daniel and the Phire support team to be fantastic. Our next step is some Jira integration to push the defect back to the tester….

    Enjoy the podcast!!

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