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psadmin.conf: Monitoring PeopleSoft Integrations

The first video from psadmin.conf 2018 is available! Brad Carlson discusses the need for monitoring Integration Broker messages. The PeopleSoft Integration Broker Monitor Service was developed by the University of Minnesota to provide robust monitoring of asynchronous messaging into and out of the PeopleSoft Enterprise. Through simple XML configuration, the monitor will check at defined intervals for pre-defined scenarios, when if found, will trigger configured actions such as notification.

We released the videos as a free course so you can find the videos in one place. Head over to the courses page and sign up. If you already signed up for the course, you can log in and the new video will be available.

2 thoughts on “psadmin.conf: Monitoring PeopleSoft Integrations”

  1. Jesús Escalante Leyva


    I have a question about PeopleSoft enviroments, there are Production and Non-Production like DEV, UAT, TST, DEMO; do you know if there is a list with the complete types of PeopleSoft environments?

    I hope you can help me with this question.

    Best regards.

  2. Love this tool. Literally within five minutes of implementing this in Production it began proving its value (which is easy since it’s free!) because unbeknownst to us we had a lurking message in error that was blocking the queue.

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