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#138 – Last, not First

This week on the podcast, Dan discusses how PTSF_GENFEED uses connected queries to build search data and discusses some useful behavior with .cfg and .properties files, and Kyle spends some time with Verity on PeopleTools 8.55.

Show Notes

1 thought on “#138 – Last, not First”

  1. E-AE: PT 8.54x .trc Application Engine Trace File is Zero Bytes (Doc ID 2177210.1) is another good reason not to run PSAESRV if you are not yet on PT 8.56 (assuming it really is fixed in 8.56 – I haven’t verified that myself).

    This, and other issues, link back to Bug 22122723, for which there are some workarounds e.g. TraceAEOptimize=N in PT 8.55 psprcs.cfg.

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