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#102 – Repurposed Services

This week on the podcast, Kyle talks about custom OEM metrics he built for Elasticsearch and Synchronous Services. Dan shares a WebSocket testing Utility. Then they discuss some big changes with Cloud Manager Image 5 and repurposing PSQCKSRV and PSQRYSRV services.

Show Notes

1 thought on “#102 – Repurposed Services”

  1. Hi Kyle,

    I’ve listened to a few podcasts that you talked about OEM 13 and Peoplesoft Plug-in. We’re also looking into a monitoring tools for our Peoplesoft environment. We’ve recently installed the OEM 13r2 and PS plug in on a sandbox for evaluation purpose. I’ve been using OEM for a long time as a DBA but the PS plug in is new to me. What are the best features that you find for Peoplesoft Administrator? Anything limitations of OEM that we should be aware of? Trying to get some justification for experienced users .. Also, what would other PeopleSoft administrators used other than OEM ?



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