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Last year we released a set of stylesheets to brand your non-production environments. Those stylesheets were built for the Classic UI and not for Fluid. Today we are releasing Fluid versions of the stylesheets.

The main colors are the same, but since Fluid uses a darker color for UI the themes are darker than the Classic versions. Here screenshots of the Fluid Homepage with each theme:









One change the stylesheets make beyond the color is adding a button style around the Homepage Tab selection. This should improve the usability of the homepage (thanks to Kyle for idea and CSS).


Use the colors however you want, but the list below is how I’m using the colors:

  • DEV1 – Green
  • DEV2 – Light Blue
  • DEV3 – Purple
  • TST – Red
  • QA/UAT – Grey
  • SBX (Sandbox and Nightly Refresh) – Yellow


Installing these scripts is simple. All of the changes are included in a single Data Migration project, so you can import all the styles with the Data Migration Workbench.

  1. Download the latest
  2. Unzip the to your Data Migration file location.
  3. Navigate to PeopleTools > Lifecycle Management > Migrate Data > Data Migration Workbench
  4. Select “Load Project From File”
  5. Select the file location and the IO_STYLES_FUILD project.
  6. Select “Submit Project for Copy”

After the Migration Project is loaded, change the theme for your application.

  1. Navigate to PeopleTools > Portal > Branding > Branding System Options
  2. Select the IO_THEME_xxx you want.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Log out and log back in to see the changes.

Change the Logo

To change the logo, you can upload a new image file to use. You have two options:

  1. Replace the IO_WHITE_32 logo with your own image
  2. Upload a new image and change the Theme Macro Set value for PT_LOGO_IMAGE_NAME and PT_LOGO_IMAGE_NAME_SMALL

Community Thanks

A huge “Thank You” to Sasank Vemana for his excellent blog posts on Branding Fluid and Kyle for his feedback and sharing some of his CSS with the project.

7 thoughts on “ Stylesheets for Fluid”

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  2. I’ll do some investigating but do you have an quick idea on how to retain the Classic breadcrumbs?

    Also, it would be nice to retain HOME icon on Small Form Factor.

    1. Phil – are looking to keep the Classic Navigation overall and bypass all Fluid Navigation, or use these Fluid themes but keep the breadcrumbs?

      1. The idea would be to retain Fluid style (no breadcrumbs) when using Fluid (i.e. as an Employee) but switch to include breadcrumbs when you go Classic. A combination of stylesheets for Fluid and stylesheets for Classic.

  3. Hey Dan, looks like the link to the Classic UI post at the top needs to be fixed. Otherwise, great content! Glad you’re still going strong in the PS world.

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