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#42 – Windows and PeopleSoft w/ Andy Dorfman

This week we interview Andy Dorfman. Andy runs PeopleSoft on Windows Core and is an expert with PowerShell for server administration. He was fun to talk to and we learned a lot about running Windows with PeopleSoft.

We want to make this podcast part of the community discussion on PeopleSoft administration. If you have comments, feedback, or topics you’d like us to talk about, we want to hear from you! You can email us at, tweet us at @psa_io, or use the Twitter hashtag #psadminpodcast.

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Show Notes

  • Andy’s Background with PeopleSoft 8 @ 1:45
  • Running PeopleSoft on Windows Core @ 6:00
  • PowerShell vs. DPK @ 10:00
  • Learning PowerShell @ 13:00
  • PowerShell: Invoke-Command @ 14:30
  • Windows Minimal @ 19:30
  • DFS for PS_HOME and more @ 23:30
  • Windows Security @ 30:00
  • OFA and PeopleSoft 32:30
  • Nginx and Reverse Proxies 37:00
  • Docker and Docker Swarm @ 40:00
  • IPv6 and PeopleSoft @ 46:00

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