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Change Assistant and File Servers

Last week I talked about setting up a new directoy on our file servers to handle patches: PS_APP_PATCH_HOME. The role of PS_APP_PATCH_HOME is to hold SQR, COBOL source, and other file system objects from PUM Patches. But, to make it easier to apply patches to the new PS_APP_PATCH_HOME, we want those folders to show up in Change Assistant as a file server. Then Change Assistant will deploy the files to PS_APP_PATCH_HOME for us.

With two changes, we can get our PS_APP_PATCH_HOME to show up as a file server.

  1. Copy the file from PS_APP_HOME\bin\client\winx86\ to PS_APP_PATCH_HOME\bin\client\winx86\.
  2. In the PSEMAgent\envmetadata\config\ file for your file server, add the path for PS_APP_PATCH_HOME to the windowsdrivestocrawl or unixdrivestocrawl. For example, windowsdrivestocrawl=e:/psoft/hr92dev-patch|<your other folders>

After you add PS_APP_PATCH_HOME, issue a recrawl to your EMF Agent.

startagent.bat recrawl

When you re-open Change Assistant and validate the environments, the new path should show up. The e:\psoft\hr92dev-patch folder will also show up in the list of File Servers when applying a patch.

PS_APP_PATCH_HOME as a File Server

4 thoughts on “Change Assistant and File Servers”

  1. And where would I find this file on Linux? Our app servers and web servers are Linux fully de-coupled Tools 8.54. I looked on the PS_APP_HOME on Linux but could not find this file. I also searched the PS_HOME, but not found.

    I would also like to know what file is change assistant looking at to determine if the machine is an app server, files, server, batch server or web server … ? Is there such a file? what is the name of it? and where is it located on Linux ?


    1. I’m not sure. I’ve only found documentation references to Windows for this file, and I wasn’t able to find it on my PeopleSoft Image. I would think it exists somewhere, but it’s escaping me right now.

      For your second question, the agents use a combination of folder patterns (appserv/DOMAIN or appserv/prcs/DOMAIN), the file and the file. I haven’t found a definitive source for all this, so that’s what I’ve put together from testing with the EMF agents.

    2. Roger – here is what my file looks like:

      rellabel=PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS and Campus Solutions 9.2

      You could create the file in $PS_APP_PATCH_HOME/bin and the try a recawl to see if it reads as a file server. Not sure if that will work, but might be worth a try.

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