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The Community


We are happy to announce the Community. A free group chat were PeopleSoft Administrators can talk shop with other admins. We use Slack to power the Community, so send us your email and we’ll send you an invite.

2 thoughts on “The Community”

  1. Just listened to #209. We use a hybrid pre-loading cache approach where we run the cache load process but don’t use shared cache. Instead we use a script to copy the pre-loaded cache into each appserv cache directory. Advantage is that cache will still automatically update and performance is improved at the beginning. a disadvantage is this takes about 3 gig per appserver cache directory. For the script we have to work the server must be started which will create all the cache directories, then the script will stop the server, delete any cache files and copy staged files into each directory. We had too many issues with shared cache, but liked the performance boast.

    1. That’s an interesting approach. The extra space shouldn’t be an issue – storage is cheap – but if you run multiple domains on a machine then I could see that extra space adding up. What were your issues with shared cache in the past?

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