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#12 – Migrations

This week on The PeopleSoft Administrator Podcast we dig into migrations. Kyle shares everything he likes about Phire and the benefits of a version control tool. Dan discusses an alternative to Phire and Stat – Change Assistant. We also discuss the new Native Push Notifications update in PeopleTools 8.55.

We want to make this podcast part of the community discussion on PeopleSoft administration. If you have comments, feedback, or topics you’d like us to talk about, we want to hear from you! You can email us at, tweet us at @psa_io, or use the Twitter hashtag #psadminpodcast. You can listen to the podcast here on or subscribe with your favorite podcast player using the URL below, or subscribe in iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “#12 – Migrations”

  1. Loved the episode, thinking about trying to push our DBAs (who do the migrations) and developers into using Change Assistant. However your Change Assistant presentation is not publicly accessible. It results in a 403 error “You must be logged in and a member of this blog.”

    1. Sorry about that Erik – we migrated the site recently and I missed this URL. I changed the link so it should work now.

      I submitted this talk to the Reconnect conference, so if that gets accepted I’ll try to post a video of the talk.

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