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PeopleSoft Deployment Package Quickstart Free
Mastering PeopleSoft Administration: Deployment Packages $1,497
psadmin.conf 2017 Sessions Free

PeopleSoft Deployment Package Quickstart



The PeopleSoft Deployment Packages (DPKs) are a new method for installing and deploying PeopleSoft servers. DPKs are built on Puppet, open source server automation software, that lets you quickly build servers. The DPK is used by PeopleSoft Images, but you can use the DPK to deploy and configure your own servers. This FREE course will introduce you to the DPK, show you how to use the DPK with PeopleSoft Images, and show you how to customize the DPK for your servers.

Mastering PeopleSoft Administration: Deployment Packages


This course will teach you how to use Deployment Packages to build your infrastructure.

  • Fast forward your PeopleSoft maintenance and automation improvement projects
  • Helping take the next step in fully automating your infrastructure maintenance and deployments
  • Pushing the limits of DPK to achieve high levels of efficiency and consistency in PS Admin tasks
  • Learn how to make DPK work for you
  • Helping you move from the ground to the cloud using DPK
  • Learn how to enhance and extend PeopleSoft Deployment Packages

psadmin.conf 2017

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